Angela’s dreams are big, yet her budget is tight at $150,000. Still, she can buy a three-bedroom, two-bathroom for just $30,000, leaving $120,000 to fix it up.

Luckily, Erin and Ben know this sweet home from the 1940s will be Angela’s dream come true.

“Angela has never had a permanent home,” Erin explains. “She has been a rolling stone her whole life. This house is going to be so emblematic of her entire future and what’s possible.”

Read on to find out how Erin and Ben create a home design that feels as bright and optimistic as Angela. Plus, get tips for renovating a whole house on a tight budget.


1. Save money by using what you have

exterior house
Before: The front porch was enclosed for more square footage inside.


When Erin and Ben first tour Angela’s house, they point out that a front porch would make a great addition. It turns out, the home used to have one, but it was enclosed to make more room inside.

The Napiers know it won’t be too difficult—or expensive—to reopen the porch and make the home feel more welcoming. Once the porch is restored, Erin and Ben paint the dark blue exterior with a bright, happy teal. Plus, the new front door pops in a golden hue.

rediscovered porch
After: This house is stunning, with a rediscovered porch and a new color palette.


“It just feels like a drop of sunshine on this block,” Erin says of the beautiful front door.

Even brighter news? The front porch renovation didn’t break the bank—so homeowners can take comfort in knowing they don’t need to invest in a big, expensive change to achieve an amazing transformation.

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