Draw Requests and Schedule Procedure

Once you’ve closed your fix and flip or new construction loan, the next step is to start construction! As you complete work on your project, you’ll want to draw funds from your loan to pay for the work that you’ve done. To do this, you’ll submit a Draw Request to Prime Investor Solutions, LLC –  [email protected] Draw Schedule and Construction Budget […]

7 Ways Investors Keep More of Their Money

7 Ways Real Estate Pros Can Keep More of Their Money January 31, 2024 Agent Finances, Taxes Share Share Learn from a CPA how to take advantage of every single tax break you’re owed as a small business owner. © ArLawKa AungTun – iStock/Getty Images Plus Real estate pros almost never take advantage of all the […]

Top 10 Cities with Fixers Available

(Realtor.com / Getty Images) TRENDS Looking for a Fixer-Upper? Here’s Where To Find Them—and How Much You’ll Pay By Evan Wyloge Jan 29, 2024 EnvelopeFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest In real estate, few types of homes stir up as much excitement mixed with a dash of fear as the so-called fixer-upper. Buying a property in need of repairs might seem daunting […]

Top 10 Zillow’s Hottest Cities to Invest

Waterfront Cities Dominate Zillow’s Hottest Markets for 2024 Homes in these relatively affordable markets sell faster than the national average – in some cases, in as little as 11 days. Home shoppers looking for affordable homes and a connection to water would do well to scope out the upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions, along […]

7 Pros you may need to inspect your future home

Angela’s dreams are big, yet her budget is tight at $150,000. Still, she can buy a three-bedroom, two-bathroom for just $30,000, leaving $120,000 to fix it up. Luckily, Erin and Ben know this sweet home from the 1940s will be Angela’s dream come true. “Angela has never had a permanent home,” Erin explains. “She has […]

10 Top Fix & Flip Markets

The Price and Availability of Renovated and Fixer-upper Homes Across America December 19, 2023 The U.S. housing market has gotten a little pickled lately. With prices and mortgage rates soaring and a shortage of homes for sale, not much is moving at all. Ongoing talk of a government shutdown threatens to further stultify the market in the […]

10 Tips for a Successful Flip

10 Tips on House Flipping to Help Ensure a Successful Flip Dec 28, 2023   13 min read There’s no shortage of tips for flipping houses, but there’s something you need to know: The only tips that matter are the ones that move you toward the ultimate goal of flipping for a profit. With that in […]

Home Sales Rise

Existing home sales rise for first time since May Holden Walter-Warner Wed, Dec 20, 2023, 12:18 PM PST2 min read 1 It was by no means a blizzard of activity, but existing home sales increased from October to November, ending a cold spell for the moribund U.S. market. Sales of existing homes increased by 0.8 percent from […]

Real Estate Looks Bright In 2024

Here’s Why the Future of Real Estate Looks Bright In 2024- We’re heading into the new year, and the 2024 real estate forecast looks bright. With this promising prediction in mind, here is some in-depth analysis that will unveil the key trends and factors contributing to the positive outlook. If you’re navigating or learning to […]