5 Things to Look for in a Fix & Flip

5 Things I Always Look For—and You Should Too—in a Flip

When evaluating deals in the competitive world of house flipping, as showcased in my current project, featured in my Flip/Off battle with James Dainard (you can also read about his weekly progress), I consider several key factors to ensure both a strategic purchase and a profitable sale. These components are crucial to the success of the flip and are […]

Fed expects 3 interest rate cuts this year

The January and February data, Powell said, “haven’t really changed the overall story, which is that of inflation moving down gradually on a sometimes bumpy road towards 2%,” the Fed’s target. In new quarterly projections they issued, the policymakers forecast that stronger growth and inflation above their 2% target level would persist into next year. […]

Conduct a Rental Cash Flow Analysis

11 Jan 2024 Posted by Deanna Lubin Are you considering investing in rental property but unsure how to gauge its profitability? An accurate cash flow analysis is your roadmap to understanding the financial viability of a rental property. It’s not just about the rent you’ll receive—it’s about understanding the entire financial picture. Let’s dive into […]