Once you’ve closed your fix and flip or new construction loan, the next step is to start construction! As you complete work on your project, 
you’ll want to draw funds from your loan to pay for the work that you’ve done. To do this, you’ll submit a Draw Request to 
Prime Investor Solutions, LLC -  [email protected]

Draw Schedule and Construction Budget
Prior to closing your loan, you or your contractor will provide Prime with an itemized schedule of work to be completed, along with the associated costs. 
This will be organized on a form called a Draw Schedule that will become the basis for submitting your future draw requests.

Most loans will permit you to take between three and six draw requests, though loans for more complex projects may allow more. 
If you anticipate needing to more take more draws, Prime may permit that, but with more fees charged (to offset our higher administrative costs).

Draw Requests
When you’re ready to submit a draw, you’ll complete a Draw Request form, listing the specific items of work you’ve completed and the associated cost. 
Some tips for completing your draw request:
After receiving your Draw Request, your Prime will schedule an inspection of your property. The purpose of this inspection is to obtain photos 
showing that the work you’ve listed on your Draw Request has actually been completed. This inspection will usually occur within one or two 
days of your Draw Request submission.

After receiving the inspection photos, your lender will determine the amount of work complete and issue your draw. If items you’ve requested 
are not complete, the amount paid to you will be reduced to match the amount of completed work. In such event, you can re-submit those items 
on a future Draw Request once they’re complete.

How Long Does the Process Take?
If there are no issues, most draws can be paid within 1 to 2 business days. You can assure not to go over 2 days by accurately completing your 
Draw Request and making sure that it matches to your original Draw Schedule and budget. This will make your Prime's job easier, meaning you 
can get your money more quickly.

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