EMD Service Rates  
Up to $2k in EMD  we charge         $750
$2,001  –   $3      we charge      $1,250
$3,001  –   $5      we charge      $2,000
$5,001  –   $10k     we charge      $4,000
$10,001 –  $50k     we charge    $10,000
$50,001 –  $75k     we charge    $17,000
$75,001 –  $100k   we charge    $25,000
Up to 40-days closing.
If closing goes over 40 days these rates increase by 25%
In addition there is a $40 wire fee.  (We wire EMD directly to title co)
We require an upfront Non-Refundable deposit of $100 + the $40 wire fee.
($140 total to start the process)
If your contract falls-through, we keep the $140.
If the contract goes through- Great! we apply the $100 toward our fee.
For the EMD service-
You will be entering a JV agreement with us giving us equal control to cancel the purchase contract.
We exercise our right to cancel your purchase contract if you or your end buyer has not come to the table 
with the replacement EMD prior to the inspection ending period, or our agreed closing period.
Our fees are arranged by us with the title/closing company to be paid directly to us out of your assignment fee at closing.
If this is something you’d like to move forward with Great!  
Please fill-out this EMD intake form,  we’ll do a quick review and let you know if we are a fit to Help!
I work swiftly to help you make offers –  and turn offers into Deals!
Feel Free to call with Any questions.

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